Best vacations for you and your disabled child!


Hello, I am Malgozata Svirskaja, and like everybody I like to travel. I have disabled son and like many families in this situation probably I have faced with a few quandaries. Here I'll try to give advices, removing the question of what and how to travel with disabled person.

 Wheelchair – no obstacle to enjoying life

A bit of motivation for everyone!

British Barry West after a car crash cannot control feet or hands. However, the 35-year-old man did not lose life taste and experienced not one extreme sensation: dived, jumped parachute, climbed the mountains, flew paraglide.

In 1996, British boxer and rugby player B. West, when he was driving a car crashed into a tree. After the accident, during which he broke his neck in two places, man forever sat to a wheelchair.

However, never short of optimism men not fall into desperation. Strongly influenced by one of his paralyzed friend's desire to jump with a parachute.

In 2008, the organization „Back Up“ idea for the first time in their lives by parachute jump: then B. West jumped tandem with an instructor.

Even after years man received diving certificate. Moreover B. Wests was skiing in Sweden, climbed to highest mountain in Wales Snowdawn, going to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro in Africa and constantly jumping parachute and dives in the Red Sea.

With the help of friends he swimming with canoe, climbing mountains, paints holding a brush in his mouth and appreciate every moment of life.

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