Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility traveling by plane

Everything in life happens to you or your children, however, not all as lucky as some. So sometimes trip planning for your children, need to take certain steps. If you or your child is a person with reduced mobility, or maybe unexpectedly broke his leg, but still very much want to travel – do not hesitate, airlines must provide free assistance.

People with disabilities or reduced mobility, people have the right to free assistance to all European airports, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland for flight, of arrival or with connection flight.

No matter what is your reason for reduced mobility – injury, age, disability or long-term disability, for which you have difficulty walking – you have the right to free assistance. When purchasing a ticket you must specify what specific help you need on the plane or at the airport. Another way till travel at least 48 hours to contact the airline and inform about your needs.

Airlines may refuse to board you on the plane because of a disability or reduced mobility, unless there are objective reasons – plane is too small or for security.

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However, do not forget, that a disability or reduced mobility, a person cannot claim, that during the flight to help him eat or drink medicines. So, if it is necessary, for example, long flight may be required the passenger is accompanied by their caregivers.

If you have not been provided assistance at flight, you can go to the airport representatives or airline in which plane you flew and inform them about the lack of support. If you are not satisfied with their response you can go to the country, where you had problems, national executive institution.